Pictures from Copenhagen Polo Open 2013

The first ever polo tournament in Denmark took place in Copenhagen’s Fælledparken on the 22nd and 23rd of June. Both royals, like Prince Joachim and Princess Marie as well as Spain’s Princess Tamara Czartoryski, and Danish celebrities, counting Frederik Fetterlein and

Santiago Shanahan

Santiago Shanahan (named most valuable player) enjoying a drink at the bar after the match.

Saseline, showed up to take part in the historic event. Also the Mayor of Copenhagen made an appearance by formally opening the tournament.

Four teams had been lined up to compete for the trophy, but in the end it was Team Maserati who won it against Team Shamballa Jewels, after Ryan Pemble converted a penalty with just 15 seconds to go in the very last chukka to win it 9-8.
In the subsidiary final Rossini Caviar Team Stockholm won another thrilling match against Care Service Team Oslo. Final score: 8-5.

Gaps in between the polo matches were very cleverly occupied by various types of entertainment including a seqway polo match, celebrity polo with danish celebrities Thomas Skov and Knaldperlen.

  • Fælledparken, the largest park in Copenhagen hosted the inaugural edition of Copenhagen Open
  • ‘Maserati - Team Copenhagen’ and ‘Care Service - Team Oslo’ kicking off the tournament
  • Thea Musaeus chasing the ball
  • Celebrity Polo match between Knaldperlen and Thomas Skov demonstrating just how difficult polo is
  • Veuve Veuve Veuve Clicquot
  • Sunday began with a short Segway polo match while horses and players were getting ready
  • A Rossini Caviar player changes horse
  • Divot stumping! :-)
  • Lunch courtesy of leading restaurants Mash and Umami
  • Danish polo player Michael Husted greeting fans
  • Maserati leading both finalist teams onto the pitch
  • Winners! Maserati-sponsored ‘Team Copenhagen’!

The Competing Teams:

Maserati Team Copenhagen (+10)
Leah Hamdan (0)
Matt Lodder (+4)
Ryan Pemble (+6)

Shamballa Jewels Team London (+9)
Michael Husted (+1)
Greg Greening (+1)
Ross Ainslie (+7)

Rossini Caviar Team Stockholm (+7)
Per Jacobsson (+1)
Niclas Johanssen (+1)
Santiago Shanahan (+5)

Care Service Team Oslo (+7)
Nicholas May (+2)
Thea Museaus (0)
Casimir Gross (+5)