Pictures from St. Moritz World Cup Polo on Snow 2013

More than 12,000 polo aficionados braved the cold and showed up for the 29th edition of World Cup Polo on Snow in St. Moritz last week. The Polo Blog was there and managed to snap a couple of pictures of the hard-fought matches between the four teams Cartier, Ralph Lauren, BMW and Oppenheim.

With all teams sporting a combined handicap of 18 and with the likes of Nacho Figueras, Chris Hyde and Eduardo Novillo Astrada, who, with a 9-goal handicap is currently regarded as one of the best players in the world the tournament was always going to be something special.

Sunday’s final on the frozen lake in St. Moritz stood between BMW and Cartier and it was Cartier that got off to the better start being up 5-1 after just 2 chukkas. It looked like it was going to be a comfortable win for Cartier, but BMW managed to fight back bringing the score to 5-4 and pressing hard in the final minutes for the equaliser. Goal line clearences and shots from BMW that were licking the wrong sides of the posts meant Cartier could celebrate their win after the final whistle and take home the coveted trophy.

  • The Goal-line camera shot before the match The Goal-line camera shot before the match
  • For four days, St. Moritz is transformed into a hot spot for polo fans and enthusiasts of equestrianism from around the globe.
  • Team Ralph Lauren finished third Team Ralph Lauren finished third Michael Ralph Lauren Bickford (+1), Jamie Morrison (+4), Nacho Figueras (+6) and Marcos Araya ( +7)
  • Team BMW Team BMW Andreas Knapp Voith (0), Bautista Urbina (+6), Ignacio Tillous (+6) and Lucas Labat (+6)
  • Team Oppenheim in white Team Oppenheim in white Richard Davis (0), Jonny Good (+5), Eduardo Novillo Astrada (+9) and Tarquin Southwell (+4)
  • BMW scoring a great goal BMW scoring a great goal
  • Chris Hyde Chris Hyde Chris Hyde who later won the prize for most valuable player of the tournament.
  • Cartier wins the trophy Cartier wins the trophy Jonathan Munro Ford (0), Max Charlton (+6), Nacho Gonzalez (+6) and Chris Hyde (+6) from the Cartier team the winner of the St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow 2013

In the match for third place  Ralph Lauren managed a narrow win of 4-3 against Oppenheim which allowed them to bring home The Deutsche Bank Trophy.

A great year for Polo on Snow at St. Moritz and at The Polo Blog we are already looking forward to the 30th anniversary next year. :-)