Pictures from St. Regis International 2013

The St. Regis International test match went ahead in Cowdray this weekend. The English side welcomed a team called ‘South America’, although with 4 Argentinians in the lineup ‘Argentina’ might have been more fitting.

The match was off to a flying start with seven goals in the first chukka. More drama followed midway through the second chukka where Nacho Figueras’ pony, unfortunately, took a tumble and appeared to roll over Nacho before getting to its feet – this proved the end for Nacho’s match as he was stretchered off  with a broken acetabulum – chances of him making an appearance at the Gaucho Polo event this week at the O2 arena are now looking very slim indeed!

Meanwhile, Bautista Sorzana, another Argentinian, replaced Nacho Figueras and eventually the game resumed.

As the match continued England took control and were up 4-6 at the end of the second period. But in the 4th and 5th chukka Facundo Pieres showed the world why he is regarded as one of the best players to have ever play the game, and with a number of great goals made sure it was the Argentinians that came out on top – a deserved win and a great start to the English polo season.

  • The early match of the day between St Regic and Young England is under way.
  • With both teams level at full time it took an additional chukka for Young England to seal the victory.
  • George Pearson picks up the ball
  • A bit of music before the 3 o clock start between South America and England.
  • An amazing first chukka with 6 goals.
  • Facundo Pieres and James Beim chasing the ball
  • Nacho Figueras is stretchered off and taken in for treatment.
  • Luke Tomlinson stretching to reach the ball
  • Facundo Pieres voted most valuable player of the day.
  • In the end an 11-9 victory to South America.