Pictures from the Autumn Cup and Farewell Cup at Cowdray Park

Braving the rain, we headed to Cowdray Polo Club for the Autumn and Farewell Cups on Sunday – Although it was absolutely tipping it down, there was never a shadow of doubt that the matches would be going ahead. Both polo players and ponies had played in much worse, we were told! And with it being the grand finale it would have been a poor show had the games had to be cancelled. In the end, we were left with typically Mercurial British weather leaving us with rays of sunshine in-between intense showers.

In a very competitive Autumn cup (12-goaler) Bramon won a closely fought match 8 against Inspirit’s 7 and in the Farewell Cup (6-goaler) between Maiz Dulce and Las Estrellas, the latter team won 5 against 4.

All finished off with the traditional dog show with eager dogs strutting their stuff, and competing just as competitively as their preceding two and four legged friends on the polo field.

Thanks for a wonderful 2012 where we have enjoyed St. Regis and Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup matches (amongst others) and very much looking forward to another great year in 2013 spectating the most competitive polo matches the UK has to offer.